Technical industrial service

Disposal, maintenance & cleaning


Waste collection & transport


Recyclable material Variety separation


Compaction of raw materials & destruction of document


CFRP/GFRP shredding and scrapping

Maintenance and repair

Maintenance of ventilation filter replacement & climate-hygiene maintenance


Air ducts Production equipment & building surfaces

Mobile Service

Removals, Small & Investment Repairs

Quality management

Certification according to DIN 9001/14001

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Welcome to the sides of CLM IndustryService GmbH (CLMI).

CLMI is their competent partner, if it concerns technical industrial service, disposal, maintenance and cleaning.

Our enterprise is a certified specialized enterprise after the valid disposal specialized operating regulation (EfbV). We guarantee highest security to our customers by environmental fair and high-quality disposal ways as well as the employment of most modern technology. The protection of ecological resources enjoys highest priority withus. We are conscious of our large responsibility us while handling wastes and special refuse. Thus we always decide for as ecologically harmless a variant as possible. Provide first an overview of our various services and offers. Profit from our experience of many years and professional competence. Address us. We are to you gladly for anon committal counseling interview at the disposal.
Their CLMI team.


Waste disposal, transport, sort separation, file destruction, scrapping

We are a certified service provider especially for professional removing, industrial waste and all sorts a special wastes.
Because generally the waste is problematic or dangerous for the environment by not correct handling, the waste disposal is regulated by many laws and decrees.


Aeration filter change, climate hygiene service, change of climate systems and moistening systems

Today the primal task for maintenance word order is to guarantee a high technically disposability for constructions. More and more endeavor companies lose the opinion that up- keeping is just a necessary evil or causing costs.

We are specialized in up keeping technical constructions, industrial buildings and working funds.


Air ducts (waste air, additional air, climate), Tooling, yard and buildings, abolishment of water damage

We established ourselves in the whole technical sustained area of special cleaning for middle and large concerns.

Besides to the technical cleaning of air ducts and various tooling's (formed component's, tools), we repair water damages and clean yards and buildings inside and outside.