Enterprise explanation

The present enterprise explanation is the newest version. We work already since 2009 with a quality management system according to DINEN ISO 9001:2008. For this we could successfully conclude the examinations including the annually returning audits since then. Likewise we work since 2012 with a certified environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO14001:2009. In a three-yearly cycle in the future each range and all activities of our enterprise will at least once be audited. The new revisions of our management systems starting from 2015 will we in the coming year would bring in and certify to let.

We want our solely responsible quality and environmental work to advance as well as inward and outside transparency and comprehensibly to document. On the basis this enterprise explanation we placing the public account over it as we notice our social responsibility in things quality and environment. Regular and independent control as well as measures for the constant improvement of all activities of our enterprise regarding quality and environmental aspects the proof and order are simultaneous forus that our management system is lived at each time, all employees is conscious and by these is also always developed further.

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